Exploring the transformative power of love


I am such a flirt with my hotness, beauty and aliveness, fleeting here and there in my heated self. Will you join me? Let’s become one; let’s burn together, baby. The birds do it, the animals do it. I am in heat! Let’s just do it. I desire to give my hot self away, otherwise, how do I know I am alive? I can warm your cold, ashen self. I can light your fire and we can dance, slip the collar, become unanchored. When I join with your dry brittle self, we two can become intimate and discover hidden treasures of a new world made from our ashes, where the old burns away making way for the new to be born.


Slowly moving closer to you — can you feel my heat?


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, burn, baby, burn! Release the old that has neither worked nor brought us joy! Burn our bridges, totally creating a newness from out of burned ashes!


Wild flowers will be blooming out of this love, everything will be different. Burn, baby, burn … burn! For life is being born anew in our heartfelt orgasm.


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