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I am such a flirt with my hotness, beauty and aliveness, fleeting here and there in my heated self. Will you join me? Let’s become one; let’s burn together, baby. The birds do it, the animals do it. I am in heat! Let’s just do it. I desire to give my hot self away, otherwise, how do I know I am alive? I can warm your cold, ashen self. I can light your fire and we can dance, slip the collar, become unanchored. When I join with your dry brittle self, we two can become intimate and discover hidden treasures of a new world made from our ashes, where the old burns away making way for the new to be born.


Slowly moving closer to you — can you feel my heat?


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, burn, baby, burn! Release the old that has neither worked nor brought us joy! Burn our bridges, totally creating a newness from out of burned ashes!


Wild flowers will be blooming out of this love, everything will be different. Burn, baby, burn … burn! For life is being born anew in our heartfelt orgasm.


Possessed with Love

This is about a joy of Life that brings blessing to others in giving what has been given from a grateful heart.  I met a man  that  has a reliable business, a man that is awaken to Life who got married a week ago. I dropped into  his business yesterday to pick up a piece of jewelry he had been working on. He and his new bride were standing side by side at his desk as I entered, I was honored to meet his new  bride, my heart spoke softly and swiftly “Share with them a life blessing.”

I stopped in my tracks for I was headed back to get in  my car, As they were working together I ask for his hand, I gave a heart kiss on the back of his hand and did the same for the bride then I joined their hands together and gave another heart kiss. Joy was there Love was present  three of us peoples received Love blessing from each of our hearts and were blended in unity. Happy flooded my heart one more time  giving  from a grateful heart- giving away that had been given.