Exploring the transformative power of love


Little blade of grass,

what a Teacher you are,

reminding me to remember.

your roots quietly going down in


How easily you grow, surrendering.

The warm brown earth is there for you

as the two of you embrace,

creating a beautiful world.

not just of your making,

but merging into the oneness of the grower

As I sit in Silence, webbed by pain,

I sink into the warm earth inside myself,

to the Oneness, the Lover, the Grower;

the Lover becoming One

in my surrender to Silence.

In Silence,

the smallest leaf becomes a thing of wonder

and a blade of grass

a sign of God’s perfection.

Thank you, little blade of grass,

for sitting with me

and helping me remember.


Comments on: "Silence" (2)

  1. Beautiful Poem!

  2. Ryanka said:

    beautiful poem.. 🙂

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