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Out of the closet

I no longer feel compelled to buy

a car demonstrated by a gorgeous hunk climbing down into it and taking off with his white-tooth-smile and toned-up bod.

I no longer want to see how cosmetics “work” on young, unwrinkled skin.
How about a 50-, 60-, 80-year-old modeling this stuff just for you and me?

I no longer want to see ads for fragrances that show inexperienced couples embracing.

What about showing lovers “of a certain age” encircled by the warm perfume of their  not pretending?

I no longer want to thumb through a magazine promoting fashions that only go up to Size 14. What about Sizes 16 through 28  — things that “fit” our thighs and style?

I’ve become a Cheerleader for Positive Aging. I’m coming out of the closet on this one  — Watch out!

I’ve had many bodies: a newborn body, a 14-year-old body, a 21-year-old body, and the ones that have shown up since my 40’s.  Now I have this 70’s and 80’s Model  —  Surprise! Surprise! My past bodies  — well, I’ve just outgrown ‘em!  Having decided my present one is no longer going to stand at attention and salute, I’m off the hook and, as I said, out of the closet!

Now my question is: What will I do with this body I presently live in? Having moved through my past Body Beautiful Syndrome, I now choose to navigate both the inner and outer journey of my life’s second half with an easy attitude. While living with only superficial beauty, I never knew if I was being loved for me or my body. Now, there is no question!

It makes no sense that we as humans are born to blossom early and then spend the rest of our lives withering away.  Not so!  Forget that   — I just don’t buy it!

Here’s my new attitude:  Positive aging makes me gutsy and full of laughs.  I’m always ready to give and receive appreciations.  I even relish my solitude.

You could say it’s just plain  choosing to be happy  — lightening up, enjoying being a Crone. It’s being secure in the knowledge that I am a woman of wisdom with a child-like joy of being in the moment  — no matter what my body’s up to.  I see things differently now.   I enjoy “my 70’s and 80’s version” with blessed acceptance.

Cheers to the grandeur of Positive Aging!


Comments on: "Out of the closet" (1)

  1. Ryanka said:

    Although I’m 22 and much less experienced than you are, I can relate to what you’re saying. Ageing is a natural process and it would be much easier to welcome it with open arms like youth. Women are afraid of ageing because they are afraid of losing their beauty, but isn’t she already beautiful? Is physicality everything? Today’s women need to wake up and know the beauty that’s eternal.

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