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Polka Dot Love

Living beyond the city limits I see unwanted dogs being dumped out weekly.  Some find their way to my home.  When a large, black and white spotted pup found his way to my door I took up with him right away.  His eyes were bright and gentle and his ears perked quickly at the sound of a kind voice.  Funny, I had just bought a black and white polka dot purse, so like my polka dot purse, I named him Polka Dot.  He loved and was loved.  My false, soap opera ego was disarmed by Love masquerading as a canine in a polka dot suit.

One day about 5 months later he came up on the porch sick, very sick.  I felt totally helpless and fearful because his breathing was so labored.  I gently spoke to him and stroked him with my loving hands.  He could not breathe and then suddenly he just seemed to surrender the struggle.   He rose, turned and slowly walked down the steps and headed for the corner of the house that leads to the backyard.  As he reached the corner he paused, turned around to look back at me and then walked on as if he knew where he was inevitably bound.   Around the corner, he laid his body down and died.  What pulled my heart strings was that I just knew he was saying bye to me with love and gratitude.  I can still see his sweet, gentle brown eyes as he turned back to look on his way out of this world.

Love sometime seems to be hidden; but where can it go?  Its fragrance lingers to soften our hearts.  Love remains.  That’s exactly what Polka Dot brought into my life – yes, love embodied in a 4-legged canine earthly body.  Thank you, sweet Polka Dot for your visit and for reminding me of what really counts in my life.


Comments on: "Polka Dot Love" (7)

  1. Heather Rae Reed said:

    A beautiful experience of transformation for you both. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creation! ❤

  2. brendamarroy said:

    What a loving story about your connection with your dog. I recently lost a cat I’d had for 16 years and I blogged about it.
    She came to me about 5 months before she died and let me know she was going to be leaving me. I cried all morning, because I got the message through her eyes and through the way she was loving on me.
    Animals are such amazing creatures. I’m sorry for your loss of Polka Dot.

  3. Anissa Mathias said:

    My dog of 16 years was the best dog I ever had. She was put to sleep in 2010. When we took her to the vet to have her put down, she seemed as if it was alright. When they brought her back into the exam room and put her on the table, it was as if she was trying to tell me that it was going to be alright. She was the first dog I ever had from pup to death.

    I wrote a blog post.

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