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The Phone Call

Please allow me to share a recent happening with you.

My dearest Mother left this planet, crossed over, died – whatever one wants to call it — (I choose to call it dying or passing on to the next life) — a little over six years ago. In her sickest days just before that, we had this conversation:

“Mom, will you please let me hear from you

when you pass over or get to that next place?”

“Yes, I will do that.”

I must tell you that I’ve thought about that conversation many times since that day. And I must also tell you that I hadn’t received a word from her in all that time until….

One morning last week my phone rang. When I picked it up, there was only silence on the other end.

“Hello,” I said. “Hello,” I said once more.

It was then that this soft, ethereal voice spoke.

It said to me, “My daughter…”

Though I listened for more words, there were none.

And there was no sound of hanging up from the other end of the phone.

After a long moment, I hung my phone up very slowly.

I say that was my Mother keeping her promise to me.

What do you say?


Comments on: "THE PHONE CALL" (15)

  1. 007blueray said:

    I would say that it’s meant for your ears only and it’s the only truth for you, as your heart is always connected to your mother’s heart – as One and so it is.

  2. Yes, that was your mother keeping her promise to you. I never believed in these things until it happened to me, also with my mother. Since then, I have had other events accompanied by what I call “validations” which show me beyond a doubt that these happenings are “real.” Actually, the whole subject of contact with the spiritual world is quite accepted in many parts of the world, including Brazil where I live now. Indeed you received a beautiful blessing. hugs, pat

  3. Palestine Rose said:

    Yes, it was your Dear Mother.

  4. Oh without a doubt Char, that was your mother! What a blessing! ~NM

  5. Somehow I do not doubt your post. After-Death-Communication (ADC) comes in many forms. Wonderful of you to share this story. Thanks!

  6. Katrina said:

    Your mother kept her promise, my grandfather did a very similar favor for me, so I know the importance of this experience for you.

  7. Yes I believe, clap your hands three times if you believe! I do, I do. Yes because of the way I believe every one I know tells me Tina if there is a way I swear I will come back to you and let you know. And every single one of them has come back to me in different ways to let me know.

  8. I have often thought about having that conversation with my mother and wondered how I would feel if after she passed I never heard a thing. Thank you for sharing your moment. It makes me feel hopeful.

  9. My friend had a son who passed in the georgia flloods a couple of years ago now and she gets calls like this too

  10. you can see them in your dreams too and while sleeping and not be conscious of it until you make it known to your lower self that you want to know and mean it. and make it known to her spirit too. if you actually are having contact you are not aware of it may be because it will upset you too much. this is how it is with me and my grandmother. she finally let me glimpse her by waking me in my sleep in my dream and then I fell right back to sleep again. I rembered in the morning when I woke up.

  11. I’ve got Goosebumps! I’ve never heard of this before, but I love it.

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