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My baby Emy, just this morning I held you to my breast and let you lick all over my face and neck with your little pink tongue as you loved to do. Somehow you must have known that this was our last perfect time together. And I know that you knew.

I also know that you knew I would be the one to find you, so you bestowed me with one last remarkable gift. The car that hit you left no marks at all on your precious little body.

You laid down your life so I could heart-see you — beyond bodyform — and get a glimpse of the Real! How perfect is that?

My beloved lover-girl-dog, before you walked through my door, I thought (with my cunning, know-it-all mind) that I knew all there was to know. But not so, because in your subtle doggie ways, you easily and willingly taught me so much more. I must have been ready for you and didn’t even know I was ready. But in you came – and you got me BIG TIME.

You were who you were and you were Love. 

Will I give up the tears I’m crying for you, Emy? Not just yet, because my feelings have been laid bare and I’m overwhelmed. But I know that I will get through this pain and that I will be getting a love call that I don’t even know about yet.

“Bow Wow!” it will say.

And I will say, “Wow!”

I now have glimpses of you scampering where there are no cars for you to dodge, no cats you must run from, no cravings for foods that hurt you, no baths to endure, no need to bark at any- and everything. For you, my beloved Emy, are totally in the light of freedom!

I see you running wild with the wind blowing through your beautiful, silken hair, but I still so miss your perfect love presence in perfect dog form.

Can I put a closure to our love affair? I do not know. You

opened my heart with your sweet surgical skill and right now, I refuse to close it, for Love is coming through.

Through our pain and all our “stuff,” Love can call each of us when we least expect it, and Love can show itself to each of us in ways that may surprise. After all, LOVE is what everyone is!


Comments on: "BOW WOW LOVE" (3)

  1. Beautiful words of wisdom that brought tears to my eyes and gratitude to my heart. Thank you!

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