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Roses & Thorns of Life

Have you ever wondered how thorns came to be on beautiful roses?  I do not understand, but I do know that roses and thorns seem to grow together to give beauty.   Now after my own thorn experience in a relationship – I could call it a thorn experience – but can I say a rose will show up?   Comparing this with Life and life’s never ending change and movement each season says “This Too Shall Pass”.  So in our turmoil and devaluing others in quarrels set afire by misunderstanding and painful separation with hurtful words, emotions gone wild come out as pure EGO, the trickster.  I ask, can a rose bloom and become what it is or will it say, “No thanks, I want to remain in the darkness of the earth and be miserable; not bloom where I am planted”.  After a painful moment in relationships it takes a while to become silent within and see the rose start blooming amidst the thorny experience.

Nature is such a grand teacher as I choose to pay attention.  Have you been confronted with thorns lately?  There is a rose somewhere wanting to emerge from the darkness and bloom.   After all, we have been planted right where we are.  Thorns can become a call to awaken from the cold and to let go in the bloom and blessing.  Yes, we as unique as nature can willingly allow understanding in our own thorns and roses experience.    Beauty of a flawless rose and share as nature does.


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